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"Riding on the Chantuelle rhythms of my Ancestors "!

Empress Aje formerly Warrior Empress started her professional singing career as a back ground vocalist with Singing icon Ella Andall in 2008. She ventured into the arena of Calypso soon after being encouraged by Ms Andall herself. In 2015 she was added to the prestigious cast of The Kalypso Revue under the leadership of two time Calypso Monarch Sugar Aloes ( Michael O'Souna ) after a successful audition. Today Empress, as she is fondly called, prefers to be identified as a 'Performance Artiste' because of her involvement in other areas of the arts e.g. Talk Show producer and host, Theatre Arts, as well as West African Dancing with Wasafoli Dance Company. On the musical front, she has written & composed thought-provoking Calypsoes like ‘Time to Arise’ (2015) & Ease She Up which both earned her 2nd placings at The NWAC National Calypso Queen Monarch Competition; She also wrote Black and Ready (2016), and quite a few others yet to be recorded. In 2019 she wrote a satirical masterpiece" The You In You " which enabled her to qualify for the National Calypso Monarch Semi Finals in Skinner Park Trinidad making her her maiden trip at the event. She went on to qualify for the finals of the competition as the first reserve. In 2020 she gave us the popular Ìbà-Àşę, and a social commentary entitled " Like Dem Yankees Still Here". The latter telling about the closure of the public beach Chagville and replacing it with a private water park. In 2020 Empress also wrote her first reggae song " Woman You're Divine " a collaboration with International Reggae sensation Queen Omega. As a producer of her own Concert type shows she is the Founder/Producer of the Mother's Day event IBA which started in 2019 at Little Carib Theatre Port of Spain but has now moved to the Naparima Bowl Amphitheatre South Trinidad; however her very first event was entitled " With Women In Mind " which was held at Cafe Blue Trinidad. When the unthinkable happened in March of 2020 throwing the world into a Pandemic this resilient woman did not fold up in a corner instead she took her craft to the virtual stage producing a series of Online Concerts. In November of 2020 she was hosted by the legendary Carl Jacob and Kenny Phillips putting on a one woman show " Chanteulle VIBZ with Warrior Empress”. She soon followed with the production, ‘UnCrowned Queens in 2021 Produced in collaboration with Friday's Music Mill Productions. The show spotlighted female calypsonians “who never really won a crown… but they contribute to the landscape of the artform. Musical shows were not the only things this multi talented creative produced in 2020 for in September 2020 her own talk show " The FEMININE DRIVE " was born out of Heaven Sent Studios under the technical stewardship of Daniel Bishop. As expected the Feminine Drive outgrew it's space and it's now streamed live on Gayelle TV every Friday evening at 7.30PM from Gayelle Studios under the guidance of Cultural Icon Errol Fabien. Her homeland of Trinidad & Tobago is not the only place who benefitted from the vocal Blessings of this Queen . In September of 2019 she was invited to Quebec Canada by Canadian Folk Company " Wes Can " where she participated in workshops as well as " Pop Up " events. In October 2022 she was among the invited list of performers at the Dubai All Africa Festival in Downtown Dubai UEA and gave quite a great showing of herself At present Empress Aje is working on the production of her 1st Music Album " TRANSFORMATION ". which is in salutation to her African Spirituality & Traditional Ancestral Teachings which has shaped her music as well as her life's undertaking way of life. The lead single " COME ANCESTORS " was released on Emancipation Day August 1st 2021. Whether it's through her music dance or her Talk show episodes the mission of this phenomenal soul is far from over as she strives to be the best that she can whilst fulfilling her destiny upon this physical realm this market place called Earth

During the last years, I've been working on different music producers, musicians and music labels.